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Fruit growers and orchard researchers are invited to announce healthy orchard happenings here. Please the details for posting regional and international events. Be sure to provide a web link so anyone interested can get the full story.

June 28 - 30, 2018
Thursday - Saturday
Ecological Orcharding
    Craftsbury Common, VT

Three days of hands-on learning about holistic orcharding and ecosystem advantage with Michael Phillips as part of the School of the New American Farmstead series at Sterling College.  This course presents a whole system-based approach for producing delicious, nutritionally dense fruit. You will learn the tricks of cultivating a thriving, diverse orchard that is naturally resilient to pests and disease and has beneficial fungal dynamics. We will cover how to improve the biology of the orchard and soil to support optimal production, developing an understanding of the mutual benefits of diverse orchard plantings, pollinators and beneficial insects, and soil fertility and microbiome. We will also learn to create natural sprays that boost plant immune response, explore the role of mycorrhizal fungi in supporting plant health and soil fertility, and receive instruction on techniques for managing and maintaining year-round orchards for optimal growth. Best of all, the third day of this course brings you to Lost Nation Orchard to see the complete tapestry in action.


November 9 - 12, 2018
Friday - Monday
Soil Care Conference
    Coolangatta, Australia

Crikey, mate! Our apple grower heads down under for some international intrigue after the harvest season. Michael Phillips will offer up a plenary keynote on Soil Redemption, a full-day intensive on Successful Biological Orcharding, along with two breakout sessions aimed at building healthy soil for all sorts of farming systems. 

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