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bar stripe is a Holistic Orchard Network: Together we can Grow Organic Apples as part of the local foods movement.

Orchard Discussion Forum and Fruit Wiki

Bringing social media connections to a grower discussion forum allows us to better know one another. The portal page to our Online Community is where everything begins. We strongly recommend making this portal page one of your browser's regular home pages. This is the best way to see the action as it takes place day to day.

Our Discussion Forum has been set up to keep orchard topics categorized, year after year, as nuance for particular pest challenges and marketing insights continue to evolve. Our Fruit Wiki will detail grower opinions about varieties in different regions, rootstock impressions, and commercial production methods for all sorts of fruit. This new site also includes event announcements, a library for shared documents, a "just talk" feature for basic chit chat (that never was meant to be indexed forever), and eventually, perhaps, subgroups within the forum when enough community orchardists want to zero in more precisely on a subject like organic peaches, for instance. Home orchardists should check our Facebook page for seasonal advice from Michael and an opportunity to discuss doings with other folks growing healthy fruit for their families.

Community orchardists and researchers interested in joining the discussion forum will find a button to create a user (participant) account at the top of that page. Real names are a must here amongst friends. The application form found here is the means by which we gauge grower experience. Everyone can access every feature but only full-fledged members in the Holistic Orchard Network will be able to post in the "member's corner" of the forum and submit a Grower Profile. Most all questions get answered on the How to Use this Site page so please give that a few moment's attention as you get started.

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bar stripe is a Holistic Orchard Network: Together we can Grow Organic Apples as part of the local foods movement. btm

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