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Orchard Systems

Get on the ol' rootstock bandwagon! Along with talk of trellis systems, in-row management, tree spacing, and interplanting. 
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Steel Posts for Apple Support Trellis'

by Russ Martin
4,3761202/22/2023 03:08PM
Last Post by Todd Parlo

geneva curveballs

by Michael Phillips
3,7401004/12/2022 02:45PM
Last Post by Craig Bickle

Trees in a Hoop House

by Micah Helser
549502/26/2022 04:18PM
Last Post by Mike Biltonen

Dwarfing rootstocks planted high density for cider purpose

by Craig Bickle
540402/23/2022 07:40PM
Last Post by Craig Bickle

Vigorous rootstocks planted high density

by Isa Campbell
619302/20/2022 05:42PM
Last Post by Eric Shatt

To prune or not to prune?

by Ethan Gouge
1,158603/24/2021 04:19AM
Last Post by Ethan Gouge

Topworking plan-Good or bad idea?

by James Smith
1,019302/03/2021 05:41AM
Last Post by James Smith

GPS mapping the orchard

by Brent Klassen
1,527506/27/2020 06:17PM
Last Post by Claude Jolicoeur

tree alignment

by Michael Phillips
3,993606/04/2020 11:49PM
Last Post by Josh Klatt

MM106a hardiness

by Peter Drevniok
1,457312/11/2019 10:57PM
Last Post by Mike Biltonen

Rootstock Advice - EMLA 7 vs 111

by Adam Tedeschi
4,059408/11/2019 05:04PM
Last Post by Adam Tedeschi

G.11 graft union issues

by Christian Annese
2,941503/20/2019 04:12AM
Last Post by Tom Kleffman

Sudden Apple Decline

by Michael Phillips
2,277108/11/2018 04:13PM
Last Post by Michael Phillips

crowding root systems for dwarfing effect

by Todd Parlo
6,096703/08/2017 01:26AM
Last Post by Todd Parlo

Pruning for tall spindle trees in year two

by Katie Selbee
3,077403/04/2017 06:46PM
Last Post by Katie Selbee

laying out curved rows

by Michael Phillips
4,6611203/27/2016 05:56AM
Last Post by Josh Klatt

tree spacing dynamics

by Peter Drevniok
8,318303/19/2016 12:09AM
Last Post by Pat Pryal

weeds in nursery stock

by Paul Weideman
3,236303/14/2016 10:08PM
Last Post by Paul Weideman

EMLA 7 and rootsuckering

by Joanne Patton
5,9911501/27/2016 06:09PM
Last Post by Todd Parlo

Tieing down branches

by Joanne Patton
3,212101/26/2016 09:59PM
Last Post by Joanne Patton

Bamboo for 3-wire Trellis construction for Tall Spindle System

by Jordan Statz
8,448506/02/2014 08:04PM
Last Post by Nick Segner

High Density Plantings, rootstock quandry

by John Wood
4,249205/30/2014 04:18AM
Last Post by Fabio Chizzola

vertical axis planting

by Marsha Lindner
5,674408/05/2013 02:16PM
Last Post by Michelle and Chris McColl

Drip Irrigation in Orchards

by Paul Goettlich
5,443308/03/2013 03:51AM
Last Post by Terence Welch

Rootstocks for Zones 3&4

by Josh Karp
15,161808/01/2013 03:15PM
Last Post by David Maxwell