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Just Talk

If you want to talk about something that doesn't fit into a particular orchard category, then this is the place! Within the bounds of propriety, of course, given our abiding interest with the fruits of nature and the benefits of kindness, anything reasonable goes. What's on your mind? 
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Dead trees

by Joanne Corkum
65306/13/2019 02:39PM
Last Post by Joanne Corkum

Recent paper on the origin and evolution of the apple

by Claude Jolicoeur
89105/30/2019 11:02PM
Last Post by Claude Jolicoeur

Fear of the unknown- Organic Confidence Needed

by Brandt Schisler
213505/12/2019 10:13AM
Last Post by Brandt Schisler

Mysterious pathogenic apple killer !

by Josh Klatt
181204/21/2019 04:01PM
Last Post by Mike Biltonen

goa search tool

by Michael Phillips
159104/16/2019 06:38PM
Last Post by Michael Phillips

PyGanic for unknown pest

by Gaye Trombley
2901004/14/2019 10:24AM
Last Post by Brian Caldwell

Real Organic Project

by Michael Phillips
416203/31/2019 09:43AM
Last Post by Brian Caldwell

Wetting Agent?

by Jason Wendt
266303/12/2019 01:04PM
Last Post by Jason Wendt

Ahimsa availability?

by Ethan Gouge
252303/04/2019 09:37PM
Last Post by Ethan Gouge

Learning from mistakes

by Jason MacArthur
250302/28/2019 05:32AM
Last Post by Jason MacArthur

Slope Sissy Hotline

by Michael Phillips
660602/26/2019 06:50AM
Last Post by Jeff Beyea

infused cider (cannabis)

by Sanford Feldt
330101/30/2019 03:31AM
Last Post by Sanford Feldt

Inoculants (Skipping the Compost in Compost Tea)

by Harrison Van Meekeren
780601/17/2019 12:08AM
Last Post by Karen Brindle

20% vinegar

by David Doncaster
857701/16/2019 11:26PM
Last Post by Karen Brindle

Interesting link from the failing NYT!

by Jason MacArthur
629312/19/2018 11:59PM
Last Post by Karen Brindle

Thought on diseased wild trees

by Tom Kleffman
495312/15/2018 05:43PM
Last Post by Tom Kleffman

what's wrong with this picture?

by Michael Phillips
666411/04/2018 12:16PM
Last Post by Pat Pryal

Orchard Apprenticeship

by Henry Jacobson
1,483410/30/2018 01:47PM
Last Post by Josh Willis

Degree day calculation

by David Doncaster
929410/25/2018 03:31PM
Last Post by Josh Willis

Heavy Metal(s) in the Orchard

by Chris Vlitas
594110/25/2018 07:32AM
Last Post by Chris Vlitas

Pollen Fertilizers, Carbon Dots, Bee Lactobacillus

by Karn Piana
781609/09/2018 10:55PM
Last Post by Karn Piana

Searching for Organic Apples

by Steve Roper
630208/15/2018 11:33PM
Last Post by Claude Jolicoeur

Organic Certifying Agencies

by Rob Anderson
615408/14/2018 01:46PM
Last Post by Steve Roper

Artisanal Compost Tea Brewing for Everyone

by Karn Piana
865708/07/2018 02:37PM
Last Post by Karn Piana

Willow Water and Systemic Acquired Resistance

by Paul Weideman
3,281407/27/2018 02:00PM
Last Post by Karn Piana

Kazakhstan's Ancestral Apple Forests

by Karn Piana
1,019906/18/2018 10:45AM
Last Post by Karn Piana

Peach disease

by David Doncaster
739405/29/2018 07:31AM
Last Post by Michael Phillips

What is this?

by Joanne Corkum
664205/27/2018 08:10PM
Last Post by Michael Phillips

What type of PWS (Personal Weather Station) do you use?

by Paul Weir
1,3641004/19/2018 04:35PM
Last Post by Liz Griffith

Neem Oil and Honeybee

by Chad Armentrout
979304/11/2018 08:15AM
Last Post by Chad Armentrout