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Fertilizing among the grasses and weeds

Posted by Carol Gudz 
Fertilizing among the grasses and weeds
May 25, 2023 06:22AM
I am looking for suggestions on how to spread fertilizer and other soil amendments. My trees are mostly in the 5-10 year old range. All were planted in polypropylene plastic to keep grass down. I put fertilizer under the plastic mostly to ensure that it went to the tree roots and not other plants. In areas where the trees are more mature, I have removed the plastic. However, these trees are now surrounded by grass with some comfrey mixed in at the drip line. WhennI spread fertilizer, I try to place as much as possible over the areas where I spread wood mulch the previous Fall. However these areas are a small part of the tree diameter and is I spread fertilizer around the whole drip line it seems to me that I am just feeding the grass and weeds. Does anyone have any insights/suggestions?
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