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Posted by Todd Parlo 
November 09, 2022 02:14AM
I have been having conversations lately about re-using spent yeast. Particularly local "wild" strains. Since one very common argument in going au naturel is the one time usability of a happy infection- the fleeting and unrepeatable occurrence. It is more common in brewing to reuse a yeast (typically a repeat of a commercial strain of saccharomyces) since it can be continually used month by month. Since cider is seasonal it is less common (and possibly prone to degradation in the seasonal wait). I wonder if anyone out there has experimented with cleaning a good batch of wild yeast (water method, acid treatment, etc.) with good success, particularly in keeping it for some period. I am aware that a second pitching will contain different healthy proportions of yeasts (I assume most or all of the apiculate yeasts will have been dispatched for instance) but some special attributes might be maintained. We would want to reduce any proliferating bacteria or other unwelcomed intruders from that former batch. Perhaps some folks out there have some related experiences to share with the group.
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